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Vitals are vital.

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Paperless, wireless, immediate delivery of vital signs measurements (blood pressure, oxygen saturation, temperature and pulse rate) and weight from the bedside directly to the resident’s electronic record in a receiving EHR system like PointClickCare, American HealthTech, NTT Net Solutions, Answers On Demand and MatrixCare. Prevent hospital readmissions. Eliminate documentation errors. Save nursing time. Improve quality of care. Experience measurement accuracy and documentation accountability. The future is here with CareConnection®!

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Get SMART* About Prevention

How do I Spot Potential Health Issues in My Skilled Nursing Building Residents? “How do I spot potential health issues in my residents—and intervene quickly to adjust medications to prevent unnecessary hospital readmission? With SMART* Alerts from CareConnection,” remarks Gwen Leger, APRN for a Louisiana skilled nursing build...
Monday, October 17, 2016

Weapons Ready? Target the Triple Aim

“Ready your weapons,” entreats Cynthia Morton, Executive Director of NASL, the group that influences legislation to favor the LTPAC industry, as she tells us that “the new mantra of CMS, Triple Aim, is the bedrock principle of the national quality strategy and forms the basis for the changes in legislated healthcare policies th...

Reduce hospital readmissions while improving accuracy, consistency and efficiency! 

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