Our Mission

Medical devices are just medical devices. Software is just software. They’re tools. But every tool has an intended purpose and our goal is to optimize your investment in the tools that matter to the care of your patients.

At Medline Industries, Inc., we bring powerful tools to LTPAC  ---  vitals interface to your EHR for industry-leading automated blood pressure monitors and scales along with custom-designed software and predictive analytics which alert your team to impending health crisis–- together for one overriding purpose: to help providers and caregivers care for others in the most comfortable and cost-effective care setting possible.

Long term and post-acute care (LTPAC) providers meet an important need in caring for these patients. We appreciate this in a special way, since we were founded by an LTPAC provider with experience in SNFs, ALs, Hospice, and in placing Nurse Practitioners in SNF and AL buildings. Medline Industries, Inc. has developed additional solutions to help LTPAC providers keep patients from having to go to more costly higher-acuity care settings.

Connecting Your Care

Our name reflects our mission. "Constantly caring" is what we help you to do: connecting medical devices used in your care processes to clinical systems in a way that frees caregivers to care for their patients--instead of their charts. 

The synergy of medical device and vitals integration coupled with clinically sophisticated software has become more than the sum of the parts--this is a system that truly improves care. That’s what Medline Industries, Inc. is about.


Reduce readmission rates while improving accuracy, consistency and efficiency! 

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