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Be the SNF of Choice for Your Hospital Network

Friday, September 22, 2017
"Hospital administrators are ...reducing excess thirty-day readmissions and avoiding Medicare using networks of preferred skilled nursing facilities," proclaims a study in "HealthAffairs.Org."

How can you become the SNF-of-Choice?

1.      Embed an electronics medical record system to drive data analytics that you can share with your hospital partner

2.      Institute quality control methods that guarantee oversight

3.      Add technology that ensures quality in vitals capture and alerting that triggers intervention

4.      Augment your team with advanced practice nurses to speed preventative interventions


The early intervention technology that hospitals love: Medline's CareConnection vitals integration system.  More than simply automated, immediate documentation of error-free vitals, this solution delivers the advantages of a comprehensive safety net of threshold breach alerts. Beginning with the alert to the Caregiver during vitals capture, then escalating to pop up on the med cart laptops, the nursing unit desktop and via email to your choices of decision making staff, your team will be triggered to intervene at every level. Even more importantly, the SMART*Reports identify combinations of subtle changes in condition that indicate trending toward health crisis--giving your team the power of intervention and prevention.


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