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Change Everything? It's a Piece of Cake

Friday, July 14, 2017

Was it biting off more than they could chew—or a really smart, sweeping culture change designed to improve resident care and drive efficiency to the bottom line?   Judging from their incredible adoption success, Maple Lawn Medical Care (Coldwater MI) made the right decisions to implement a new EHR system (PointClickCare) and, at the same time, introduce CareConnection's advanced vitals integration technology with the mobile kiosk features that would make access to PointClickCare a piece of cake

What was the secret ingredient? “We included all the staff and helped them see the advantages of the workflow process efficiencies and the care improvements for our residents,” explains Ashley Zierle, RN.  “Our CNAs love the time savings of CareConnection—they are so grateful that they no longer have the tedium of writing vitals on paper, then having to do data entry at the kiosk.”  

Sweet surprise:  The bonus was the sweet center—the heartbeat of CareConnection’s system--the CareHub touchscreen tablet that not only delivers automated vitals transmission to PointClickCare, but also lets the CNAs document ADLs right at bedside on the Point-Of-Care app.   Keyboards mounted on the Vitals CareCart take the bite out of ADL and nursing note documentation—and now the idea of taking paper to the wall kiosk has become archaic for this fast-moving team.  Zierle remarks that, “even the residents like seeing their measurements fly to their records on this equipment that looks a bit like StarWar’s C3P0.”    Maple Lawn has just mixed in both chair and wheelchair scales to their CareConnection vitals integration recipe—and anticipates the same positive  reception from their team.

Best of all--the icing on this cake!  “We are using the SMART*Reports and other reports from CareConnection to help us pinpoint those subtle changes in condition which indicate we have a resident heading for trouble so we can take action quickly,” Zierle confides, “and if we do have to transfer someone out, the vitals appear immediately on the transfer paperwork.  This system makes everything so easy!”   Plus, the SMART*Reports can be used to provide documentation of opportunity-for-improvement in 

30 Day QA reviews—a huge assist in avoiding survey deficiencies!

Enough goodies to go around:  Maple Lawn is a 114 bed building with a 22 bed, high -turnover rehab wing.   Administrator, Jayne Sabaitis, recognized that successful adoption is ensured when everyone has access to time-saving technology.  The eight Vitals CareCart towers (with integration tablet and keyboard) on the floor give the CNAs the access they need to take vitals and document ADLs with frequency and accuracy.    “It’s all about improving care for our residents—and keeping our business healthy by delivering the kind of technology that our hospital referral partners expect and value,” remarks Sabaitis.

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