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If Your Dashboard Alerts 976F, You Need CareConnection

Thursday, August 09, 2018


“Vitals are vital—and the first indicator of the health of our residents,” remarks Faina Kaganov, RN, Chief Clinical Officer of The Allure Group in New York City.“In keeping with our corporate mission to provide cutting edge technology and treatments that speed recovery, we chose to deploy best-in-breed Medline's CareConnection integration to our clinical system,PointClickCare®.We wanted confidence that we were eliminating human error and embedding quality control in both vitals measurement capture and documentation.”

Deployment strategy that works:Allure’s team commenced their six-building implementation of the CareConnection Vitals Integration to coincide with their roll out of EHR, PointClickCare, knowing that it would optimize and enhance the accuracy and time savings value of their new clinical system. Nenita Alfonso, Director of Nursing at Allure’s 300 bed Crown Heights Center, remarks, “I was a little worried about resistance to technology by some of my long-standing team members, but once they started using the CareConnection system, they became hooked on the ease, speed and accuracy they are experiencing.Now my RNs and LPNs have more quality time with their residents and that time savings has helped relieve stress levels.”

Morale improvements:Alfonso’s confidence in the accuracy and safety features of the CareConnection vitals integration emboldened her to raise skill levels and morale among her CNA team by training them to use the system for vitals capture.“I’m seeing a level of pride in accomplishment and an increased awareness of clinical concerns from my CNAs now that they have been entrusted to capture and document vitals with this automated system.I know that I can be confident in their work because of the alerting safety net CareConnection delivers.”Alfonso says the secret to success is “engaging the team to embrace technology.”

Better Input = Better Outcomes:Chief Clinical Officer Kaganov remarks, “We’ve received so much more than we had expected!We’re eliminating errors and the costly time drain of paper to laptop documentation.No more 976°F temps appearing on our dashboard alerts! Not only are we confident in vitals measurement and documentation accuracy, but the alerting safety net has been a great tool for our team—triggering the opportunity for intervention with the immediate, bedside notification of out-of-range vitals.Add to that the SMART* predictive analytics reporting that identifies combinations of change in condition that are precursors to a health crisis—and we’ve become exceptionally proactive in our ability to detect and avert conditions like sepsis and pneumonia.The doctors we work with love the SMART* trending and analysis.It really helps us to triage and treat!”


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