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Just Do It!

Monday, June 13, 2016

To the Montereau Woods team, adopting new technology was a no-brainer with their “Just Do It” philosophy.

Let’s face it. Change is tough. All of us want life to feel like an old pair of shoes—comfy and familiar. But that isn’t how we’re going to get to the next level of efficiency and better care. As the LTPAC industry begins to employ the principles of lean management, technological advances become more critical to operational excellence.

How did Montereau Woods ensure that their caregivers would successfully adopt CareConnection’s vitals integration with AOD, their EHR of choice? They made using the new technology mandatory for caregivers and nursing staff. Fascinating concept—locking up the manual BP cuffs and the wrist sensors, replacing them with a system that captures and delivers accurate, reliable, consistent measurements directly to the resident’s record.

Now vitals are immediately available upon capture for medication administration and alerts through AOD. The resident’s record is auto-populated and the nursing managers are confident that they are able to “monitor like hawks” any changes in condition. CNAs are relieved of documentation burdens.

Montereau Woods management simply insists that their team use the system. It’s just that simple for them. The residents are reaping the care benefits from this basic philosophy of “just do it.” Now, the CNAs wouldn’t consider returning to manual capture and documentation. That’s what happens when a plan works!