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Weapons Ready? Target the Triple Aim

Monday, October 17, 2016

“Ready your weapons,” entreats Cynthia Morton, Executive Director of NASL, the group that influences legislation to favor the LTPAC industry, as she tells us that “the new mantra of CMS, Triple Aim, is the bedrock principle of the national quality strategy and forms the basis for the changes in legislated healthcare policies that we are beginning to experience.”

Triple Aim is the philosophical basis for the aggressive movement toward Value Based Purchasing—payment related to outcomes rather than services delivered—which is turning LTPAC business models on their heads. The numbers don’t lie. “Chronic diseases are money pits,” Morton relates, “consuming 75% of every healthcare dollar.” The Triple Aim strategy espouses proactive efficiency with an emphasis on prevention and wellness as the method to corral costs.

What are those costly conditions?

Heart disease, cancer, depression, osteoarthritis, hypertension, diabetes and COPD. Why are we hearing about this concept in Post Acute Care? That’s where the money is going. Sylvia Burwell, Secretary of Health and Human Resources, has committed to moving 50% of Medicare payments into a value based model by the end of 2018—right around the corner. CMS is reviewing every cost and establishing baselines—for instance, the average cost of an episode of complicated pneumonia treated in an in-patient rehab is $18,000. The cost drops to $10,000 for the same patient treated in a skilled nursing facility.

Fill your arsenal!

Do you have the weapons to take aim and to handle the higher acuity population that will be filling your beds? The winners have already embedded sophisticated electronic medical records, analytics, quality control, advanced practice nurses and advanced technology. Medline's CareConnection delivers an invaluable weapon to your building—early intervention with immediate alerts of changes in condition, quality assurance in vitals capture and documentation, and nursing time savings.