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NetSolutions Users Deploy the Power of Prevention

Monday, February 11, 2019


"We Put the Power of Prevention to Work for Our Residents."

Acadia St. Landry’s Guest House and Road Home Therapy Center improves care with

CareConnection's vitals integration to CantataHealth’s NetSolutions®EHR.

Vitals are vital for the St. Landry clinical team.Says Brian Hensgens, Administrator, “We were determined to go paperless and drive higher levels of quality into the vitals capture and documentation process, but we got so much more than we had anticipated when we implemented Medline's CareConnection integration with our EHR, NetSolutions.”Hensgens implemented the solution at their Road Home Therapy Center and is delighted with the results:

  • SMART*Reports prevent unnecessary readmissions: “This is the coolest thing ever,” remarks Nursing Manager Amanda Noel about the predictive analytics and trending reports that are delivered to her email every morning.“Very tell-tale.I can look at the indicators for residents whose changes in condition are predictive of infectious disease onset—and I know that within a day or two I’m going to see a UTI or upper respiratory infection develop.This tool has been a great adjunct to our use of S-Bar charting--and incredibly valuable in triggering intervention to nip a health crisis in the bud.”
    • Time-savings of up to 7 minutes per vitals set gives the caregivers more time to interact with residents—and less frustration with the process of manually documenting the measurements onto paper, then handing off to a nurse for data entry.
    • Instant alerts of out-of- range measurements during the vitals capture process notify caregivers to seek intervention from the nursing staff.
    • Documentation accuracy has been huge for the Road Home.Noel remarks, “We are all breathing easier knowing that the automated vitals monitoring gives us accurate measurements. More importantly, the integration eliminates time lag and errors from paper documentation.Now we can easily see what size BP cuff was used, the resident’s position during vitals capture and the CNA’s ID and time/date of capture.”Noel says, “This information provides our nursing team with those nuances that influence care and the integration keeps our nurses working at the top of their licenses rather than doing data entry.”
  • Improved quality and reduced readmissions position for the future:Hensgens remarks, “in this new world of value based payment and competition for hospital referrals, we believe that embedding the CareConnection vitals integration with our EMR, Cantata NetSolutions, will help us optimize everything our EMR offers us, putting us in a great position to care for higher acuity population—and to maintain maximum revenue under the PDPM model.”

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