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The WOW factor! CareCart Does Double-Duty

Monday, April 25, 2016

When the Living Branches Healthcare Teams implemented CareConnection, they expected to drive higher levels of quality into their vitals capture and documentation process--but they were pleasantly surprised with the mobile kiosk feature of this advanced technology.

Patricia Lee, Director of Healthcare Information, relates, "During the installation of the system, we worked with the CareConnection team to embed several other web-based applications on the touchscreen tablet. We now have access to PointClickCare and to Care Tracker at the bedside on the Vitals CareCart tablet to augment our locations for documentation. This means that our caregivers can use the Vitals CareCart tablet as an alternative location for Care Tracker documentation when kiosks are unavailable, or they can quickly document things like meal consumption in the room while they are capturing vitals."

Ms. Lee goes on to explain,"Our EHR Task Force meets weekly to monitor progress. The automation of the CareConnection vitals capture and documentation has relieved our nursing staff to work at the top of their licenses. We can now confidently entrust that activity to our caregiver staff. We're looking forward to continuing to optimize our use of technology to help us provide better care for our residents."