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Tips and Tricks: Power of Pop Up Alerts

Monday, February 22, 2016
  • The Power of PopUp Alerts: CareConnection's pop-up push alerting for eMar Laptops and Nurses Station Desktops immediately notifies your team of a resident's threshold breach and gives you history at a glance so that you can tailor rapid treatment interventions. Want your team to benefit from this powerful readmission reduction tool? Contact CCT Support today!
  • The WOW Factor! Mobile Kiosk: Use the tablet on your CareCarts to improve workflow. Access your EHR system for easy ADL documentation at bedside. Access COMS, CareTracker, DartChart or other web-based programs. Add the keyboard option for your input- intensive programs. Make your CareCart do double duty as a workstation on wheels. Contact CCT Support today!
  • COMS Daylight IQ: CareConnection's vitals integrate with COMS for both PointClickCare and American HealthTech, sending measurements to resident records in both systems simultaneously. Take advantage of the Keyboard/Mouse option so you can easily document in COMS at the bedside during the vitals capture process. No more toting measurement devices, tablets and laptops around the halls-everything you need in the compact CareCart.