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Tips and Tricks: Activate the WOW Feature

Monday, February 08, 2016
  • Instant Breach Notifications: This pop-up app (for any PC, laptop or tablet running Windows 8 including eMar laptops and nurses station desktops) alerts your team to threshold breaches and gives you history at a glance so that you can tailor rapid treatment interventions. Coming to your CareConnection system in a few weeks!
  • WOW!  Vitals CareCart as a Mobile Kiosk (workstation on wheels): Use the tablet on your CareCart to improve workflow. Easy access to complete COMS Dayligh IQ assessments or document ADLs using your EHR system or CareTracker. Talk with our support team to optimize the WOW feature of the CareCart.
  • COMS Integration: It's here! CareConnection integrates with COMS for both PointClickCare and American HealthTech! We've even added a Keyboard/Mouse option to the CareCart so you can capture vitals and document in COMS at the bedside. No more toting measurement devices, tablets and laptops around the halls. Everything you need is in the compact CareCart.