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Unleash Your Team to Care for the Resident, Not the Chart

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Lodge Health and Rehabilitation Center in Ocala, Fla. (a Greystone Health Network skilled nursing facility) is confident that their residents are receiving better care with Medline’s CareConnection vitals integration to PointClickCare.  


Director of Nursing Tiffany Hafer says her team has experienced not only caregiver time savings, but also care improvements and readmission prevention using the early intervention prompted by CareConnection’s highly visible on-screen alerts.  “Now our CNAs don’t just write down out-of-range vitals—they are prompted to go out in the hallway and grab a nurse who can intervene immediately,” explains Hafer.      

Caring for the resident instead of the chart:  Hafer remarks that the time savings of this advanced automated documentation not only gives the caregivers more quality interaction with the residents, but also carries over to the nurses and meds administration.   Vitals are documented immediately and wirelessly, instead of a couple of hours later when the CNAs finally have the time available to get to the kiosk.   


How does the immediate documentation benefit resident care?  “Now that the vitals arrive in PointClickCare within minutes, our nursing team has the option to use those most recent vitals to administer meds.  In addition, we’re finding that our ability to intervene and prevent a hospital readmission has vastly improved,” explains Hafer. “We are all so much more confident of the measurement and documentation accuracy.  I’m no longer seeing a temperature entered at 986°F because someone missed a decimal while entering data.  We are human—we make mistakes, but when a resident’s health is at stake, we need this kind of technology to ensure the best care.”   

Download the Case Study here