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What does Peanut Butter and Jelly have to do with Resident Satisfaction?

Monday, June 06, 2016

Nothing! The comfort meal of our youth is now PBJ (Payroll-Based Journal), the daunting new measure adopted by CMS and designed to reveal the correlation between staff morale (as measured by ratio and turnover) and improved resident satisfaction (an indicator of quality of care as it relates to resident well-being).

The Data Sandwich: CMS has long identified staffing as one of the vital components that impacts a nursing home’s ability to provide quality care. The data, when combined with census information, can then be used to not only report on the level of staff in each nursing home, but also to report on employee turnover and tenure, which can impact the quality of care delivered. ( 2015)

Spreading the peanuts: Staff responsiveness and competency are two of the key drivers in resident satisfaction—but increasingly harder for the senior care industry to achieve in the face of wage and workforce pressure. The daily challenge of hiring adequately trained staff, reducing turnover and maintaining positive attitudes amongst our teams can seem insurmountable.

Add the jelly: Technology can help! Job satisfaction among nursing staff is directly linked to having adequate resources available to do the job (Journal of Aging and Health, 2006). Our millennial workforce expects to utilize technology to eliminate the burden of paperwork. Remember, this generation hasn’t even been taught to write in cursive! They want to concentrate on doing what they love—helping people and caring for residents, not caring for charts.

The energy meal: CareConnection is a proven solution to achieve those goals by significantly reducing the time burden of capturing and documenting vitals while providing a technologically advanced system that enhances measurement accuracy and eliminates documentation errors. Give your staff the opportunity to excel—-provide them with the technology—and the time—to promote resident well-being.