MatrixCare Announces Vitals Integration to Medline's CareConnection

Now MatrixCare customers can take advantage of the advanced, FDA Cleared vitals integration and predictive analytics delivered by Medline's CareConnection solution.

Medline Industries, Inc., the leading provider of medical device integration systems specifically designed for the long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) industry, today announced the integration of its CareConnection® connectivity platform with MatrixCare’s electronic health record system for Skilled Nursing. MatrixCare is one of the industry’s leading providers of software solutions to organizations across the LTPAC spectrum.


We are pleased to offer integration with MatrixCare,” said Jodi Funderburk, Director of Business Development for Medline's Diagnostics Division. “Senior care organizations face significant challenges, including the need to reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions. The ability to accurately capture vital signs and weights then quickly give clinical professionals access to this information is critical in addressing this need. With the integration between Constant Care and MatrixCare, skilled nursing, assisted and independent living organizations will now have the capability to deliver resident vital signs and weights directly to the resident’s record and receive real-time alerting and predictive analysis of potential health crises.”

Deanna Hatfield, CNO with Altercare Integrated Health Services, remarks, “We’re pleased with the ability to eliminate manual entry of vital signs in our pilot facilities and are hopeful that this will save documentation time, improve accuracy, and expedite the flow of clinical information from bedside to the resident’s electronic chart.We look forward to utilizing the SMART*Report predictive analytics and hope to realize a positive impact on our avoidable readmission rates.”


MatrixCare SNF Press Release MatrixCare SNF Press Release (228 KB)



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