The Big Reveal! Vitals CareCart 2017 Plus Temporal Therm & Keyboard Options

Capture vitals with accuracy, then make them fly to the resident's record in your EMR with Medline's redesigned, ruggedized Vitals CareCart that now offers a temporal thermometry option and keyboard plus tray to optimize the mobile kiosk features of this robust readmission prevention tool.

Not only are you saving time, eliminating documentation errors and improving care----but you are speeding information to decision makers, providing a safety net of alerts that trigger intervention--and best of all, retaining revenue by preventing hospital readmissions.

The Big Reveal Press Release for Vitals CareCart 2017 The Big Reveal Press Release for Vitals CareCart 2017 (246 KB)

“We are pleased to deliver this robust cart design and high-accuracy devices to the LTPAC marketplace,” said Jodi Funderburk, Director of Business Development for Medline's Diagnostics Division. “Senior care organizations face significant challenges, including the need for equipment and software to reduce preventable hospital readmissions. The ability to accurately capture vital signs and quickly give clinical professionals access to this information is critical. CareConnection’s turnkey combination of medical devices plus integration to the major EMR systems active in the LTPAC marketplace means that skilled nursing and assisted living organizations will now have the capability to deliver accurate measurements directly to the resident’s chart.  The ruggedized cart redesign plus the addition of the high-accuracy temporal scanner makes temperature capture a more pleasant patient experience—and the keyboard allows the CareCart to be leveraged as a true mobile kiosk for documentation into other programs at bedside.”


Karey Thigpen, Director of Nursing at Camelot Place in Louisiana remarks, “Eliminating manual entry of vital signs and weight information saves documentation time, improves accuracy and speeds the flow of clinical information from bedside to the resident’s chart.  My team now has everything they need at their fingertips—and the predictive analytics of CareConnection’s SMART*Reports notifies me of worrisome changes in condition every morning.  I’m able to intervene almost before my resident knows they are ill.”




Reduce readmission rates while improving accuracy, consistency and efficiency! 

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