Do the Math: Intervention Equals Prevention

First in the Field: Back in 2014—when most skilled nursing buildings were still capturing vitals manually and less than 50% had an EMR system, Touchstone Communities’ Heights of Huebner, San Antonio, became the LTPAC industry’s first adopter of PointClickCare’s freshly launched vitals integration solution, CareConnection. Talk about visionaries!

Fast forward to 2017: Technology investment is being embraced by the leaders in the LTPAC industry who are determined to win the battle of reduced occupancy, tightening referral networks, readmission penalties and that ugly 2% withhold. In the first OpEd of 2018, McKnights LTC Editor, John O’Connor, predicts “you better have that ‘stuff’….or start talking buyout terms with …bigger fish.”

What did Heights of Huebner do to improve their bottom line and revenue retention?  They put the “right stuff” to work for their team:   the power of prevention with Medline's CareConnection SMART*Technology and the new, ruggedized Vitals CareCarts.  

Pin-point focus on readmission prevention:The CNAs love these new heavy-duty Vitals Carts,” remarks Johnny Hernandez.  “They especially like the temporal thermometers—no need to wake a sleeping patient to get vitals!   Plus, we’re seeing compliance increase now that the tablet is at eye-height.  Everyone gets the point—this is about sending the vitals to PointClickCare immediately and without error.”  Hernandez exclaims that the team is “thrilled with the SMART*Reports” that identify combinations of subtle changes in condition that are predictive of resident health crisis.   “We’re all about preventing readmissions here at Touchstone Communities—and this helps us keep the focus on early intervention.”   

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