"If it isn't charted, it isn't done!"  But caring for the chart sometimes comes at the cost of caring for the resident.   

Caregivers make rounds, collect vital signs and weights, and manually record measurements on paper — but then struggle to find the time to get to a kiosk, d esktop or tablet to key in that data. The results:   Documentation errors, omissions, data transpositions and delays that compromise the quality of resident care and the efficient use of precious caregiver time.

Shocking error rates and dismal data entry lag time:  A recent hospital study revealed that paper vitals documentation had an error rate of between 19% and 26% (ver sus 0% for automated vitals). And even more concerning was the 40 minute average time lag before the vita ls were input in the resi dent's record (versus less than 5 minutes for automated vitals documentation).   CIN: Computers,Infomatics,Nursing. September 2013.

There is a better way!  CareConnection automated vitals documentation is the solution.  

  • Vitals captured through the automated monitors migrate to the touchscreen tablet where they are integrated with resident ID, caregiver ID,  time/date, and other modifiers (such as O2 source), then the caregiver sends the measurements to the resident's electronic record with the push of a button.  
  • Vitals arrive in your resident's electronic record in minutes via secure wifi. With some EMR systems, the arrival is within seconds! That translates to immediate access to the measurements needed for medication administration, care plan intervention, and NP or physician review.
  • No paper = no mistakes.  No more temperatures of 986º; no more putting weight in the glucose section; no more systolic readings of 117 instead of the actual 171.  
  • Accountability trail confirms that the measurement was actually taken and auto-documented by machine.   Reduce your risk and your liability. Eliminate ghosting and the temptation to jot down yesterday's numbers.
Here's how our customers have achieved real-time documentation and eliminated errors:

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