Frustrated with documentation time-lag?  Stop wasting time. 
Vital signs written on paper creates documentation nightmares--losing that little slip of paper, the hours it may take for the CNA to finally get to the kiosk---or even worse, "handing -off" to a nurse at end of shift---long after vitals were needed for meds administration.  There is a better way!
Vitals fly from bedside to your EMR through CareConnection's CareHub touchscreen tablet arriving in real time instead of hours l ater.  As one customer remarks, "Since the documentation of vitals is now immediate and wireless, the nurses are no longer waiting for the CNAs to get the blood pressure, pulse, O2 sat and temps written down and manually entered at a kiosk. The nursing time savings for meds administration has been wonderful — they now can just look at last vitals and give the medications. No more hounding the CNA to take vitals or get them documented. We’re seeing better partnerships evolve between these teams.”
Doing Double Duty:  The CareHub Touchscreen Tablet can also be used to access point-of-care applications and other web-based programs at bedside — working for your teams as a “kiosk on wheels”.  Imagine, your nurses are now able to automatically capture vitals and then open their clinical program at bedside to enter nursing notes in the resident's record--and your CNAs can document ADLs in the room right after capturing vitals. No more lining up in front of a kiosk at end of shift--or waiting to use the nursing desktop. Information you need to make clinical decisions is immediately at your fingertips.

Here's how our customers are taking advantage of the mobile kiosk features:

Clear Kiosk Congestion Clear Kiosk Congestion (187 KB)

Vitals CareCart and Wall Kiosk 2017 Vitals CareCart and Wall Kiosk 2017 (1317 KB)

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