LILAH™ Telehealth Solution (Accepting Launch Partnerships)

Whether an individual is in an assisted living facility, continuing care retirement community (CCRC), senior living community, or at home, his or her desire is to live as independently as possible. LILAH’s Telehealth Kit provides the critical tools for organizations and families to support independent living for elders and others who need some assistance.  Medline is currently exploring partnerships to launch this powerful technology to assist corporate groups in reducing readmission rates and providing ongoing remote care for residents discharged to a lower acuity setting.

The LILAH Telehealth kit helps individuals at home or in lower-acuity care settings:

  • Conveniently measure their own vitals, weights, and other key health information with medical devices designed for ease of use. These devices capture the following information that is sent to a touchscreen tablet via Bluetooth then to LILAH's secure cloud-based system:
    • Blood pressure
    • Glucose levels
    • Oxygen saturation
    • Peak expiratory flow
    • Pulse
    • Temperature
    • Weight
  • See reminders for when to take medications, go to the doctor, check vital signs, and a host of other important tasks that need to be done to reduce the likelihood of health problems escalating
  • Answer health assessment checklists on a personal touchscreen tablet that enable clinical professionals to determine when care interventions are needed
  • Provide physicians and others immediate access to all clinical information captured through CareConnection using our Health Report Bracelet, which contains a USB drive with an application that will launch when a clinical professional plugs it into a computer

LILAH helps clinical professionals on your team:

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  • Remotely monitor patients using the patient health stream and dashboard
  • Prevent readmissions with alerts, phone, or text message when patients’ vital signs breach pre-defined thresholds
  • Customize health questionnaires for patients to better determine appropriate care plans
  • Talk with patients remotely through the one-click face-to-face video communication feature

LILAH helps your organization to:

  • Increase efficiency of your clinical team in providing care – fewer staff handle more patients
  • Prevent readmissions and keep individuals in your lower-acuity care settings rather than someone else’s higher-acuity setting
  • Provide a great marketing tool that appeals to families looking for the highest-quality care for their loved ones
  • Become a leader in the rapidly growing telehealth services industry at an affordable price

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Reduce readmission rates while improving accuracy, consistency and efficiency! 

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