The power of prevention with SMART* predictive alerting and paperless, wireless, immediate delivery of vital signs measurements (blood pressure, pulse, O2 saturation, temperature) and weight directly to the resident’s electronic record from the bedside or point of care! Reduce hospital readmissions using real-time alerting and SMART*Reports to identify subtle changes in condition that are often missed until it's too late. Error-free documentation. Nursing time savings. Complete accuracy and accountability. The future is here with CareConnection!

CareConnection Medical Device Interface

“If it isn’t charted, it isn’t done.”

Caregivers make rounds, collect vital signs and weights, and manually record measurements on paper—then struggle to find time to get to a kiosk, desktop or tablet to key in that data. The result: documentation errors, omissions, transpositions and time delays that compromise the quality of resident care and the efficient use of precious caregiver time.

A better way: Powerful Analytics Combined with Paperless Documentation

CareConnection, the only solution designed specifically by providers for providers to meet the unique challenges of the long term and post-acute care industry, fits seamlessly into your workflow. CareConnection's vitals integration to your EMR reduces the nursing time and steps required to get information into the resident’s chart and eliminates documentation errors. Immediate access to clinical data and built in alerts allows your clinical team to intervene quickly— improving outcomes and preventing hospital readmission.

More importantly, CareConnection's SMART*Technology delivers powerful tools to prevent readmission by scrubbing the daily vitals measurements to ferret out those subtle markers which are early indicators of resident health deterioration.  The daily SMART*Report sent to your DONs and APRNs email gives your team the tools to triage and intervene with care changes that interrupt the "readmission cycle."

CareConnection is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Caregivers take vitals using rugged Vitals Care Carts with automated blood pressure monitoring devices and weights using connected Scales.  
  2. Caregivers review measurements on an easy-to-use CareHub touchscreen tablet. One touch sends the measurement (linked to caregiver ID, resident ID and time/date stamped) to your electronic health record system (EHR) via CareConnection's web-based software.
  3. Clinical professionals receive alerts if vital signs or weights are outside the ranges you’ve defined. 
  4. CareConnection's SMART*Technology helps your team prevent readmissions by delivering daily reports to DONs and/or NPs, alerting them to the subtle changes in condition which are predictors of impending health crisis.
  5. Caregivers and Nurses can use the VitalsCareCart as a mobile kiosk to access the EHR for ADL documentation or nursing notes on the CareHub touchscreen tablet.

Better input results in better outcomes. CareConnection users are:

  • Preventing hospital readmissions
  • Eliminating documentation and measurement errors 
  • Saving nursing time in vitals capture   (6+ minutes per vitals set)        
  • Improving quality of care

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Reduce readmission rates while improving accuracy, consistency and efficiency! 

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