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Time is Money AND Improved Care

“We're eliminating about 5 minutes on every set of vitals we take which translates to about 8 hours of time savings every day. That time savings relieves our nursing team to focus on what’s important: improved care and the opportunity to communicate, heart-to-heart, with their patients," remarks Terri Ringhofer, Director of Nursing at Walker Methodist Westwood Ridge TCU in St.Paul, Minnesota.

Ringhofer emphasizes that "the big PLUS is the bedside alerting of out-of-range vitals and the SMART*Reports predictive analytics which give us early warning of the combinations of changes in condition that indicate a resident is in trouble---and help us prevent readmissions from conditions like sepsis and pneumonia. As we move closer to the new PDPM payment model, this technology will put us in a great position to care for our higher acuity population and to retain maximum revenue.”

Does Your Dashboard Alert a 976F Temperature?

Then you need Medline's CareConnection vitals integration to drive measurement accuracy and time savings to your bottom line.

The Allure Group (NYC) chose to deploy the best-in-breed CareConnection integration to their clinical system, PointClickCare®. Chief Clincial Officer, Faina Kaganov, remarks "We wanted confidence that we were eliminating human error and embedding quality control in both vitals measurement capture and documentation.”

MatrixCare Announces Vitals Integration to Medline's CareConnection

Now MatrixCare customers can take advantage of the advanced, FDA Cleared vitals integration and predictive analytics delivered by Medline's CareConnection solution.

Medline Industries, Inc., the leading provider of medical device integration systems specifically designed for the long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) industry, today announced the integration of its CareConnection® connectivity platform with MatrixCare’s electronic health record system for Skilled Nursing. MatrixCare is one of the industry’s leading providers of software solutions to organizations across the LTPAC spectrum.

Do the Math: Intervention Equals Prevention

First in the Field: Back in 2014—when most skilled nursing buildings were still capturing vitals manually and less than 50% had an EMR system, Touchstone Communities’ Heights of Huebner, San Antonio, became the LTPAC industry’s first adopter of PointClickCare’s freshly launched vitals integration solution, CareConnection. Talk about visionaries!

Fast forward to 2017: Technology investment is being embraced by the leaders in the LTPAC industry who are determined to win the battle of reduced occupancy, tightening referral networks, readmission penalties and that ugly 2% withhold. In the first OpEd of 2018, McKnights LTC Editor, John O’Connor, predicts “you better have that ‘stuff’….or start talking buyout terms with …bigger fish.”

What's The Difference? FDA or MDDS? Plenty!

What’s the Big Deal About FDA Clearance? Plenty! The benefits will rock your world!

We all know the importance of having vitals measurements automatically downloaded to our EMR system. The simple benefits: time savings and error elimination. But we all want more—we want outcome improvements! That’s why we need a vitals integration solution that delivers the advantages of FDA Clearance.

Change Everything--Piece of Cake

Was it biting off more than they could chew—or a really smart, sweeping culture change that improved resident care and drove efficiency to the bottom line?

Judging from their incredible adoption success, Maple Lawn Medical Care (Coldwater MI) made the right decisions to implement a new EHR system (PointClickCare) and, at the same time, introduce Medline's CareConnection-- the advanced vitals integration technology with the mobile kiosk features that would make access to PointClickCare a piece of cake.

Prevent Readmissions with SMART*Reports:

What Nurse Practitioners Are Saying About CareConnection's SMART*Technology

SMART*Technology's predictive analytics delivers alerts of those subtle changes in condition that indicate incipient patient health crisis. SMART* technology scrubs the daily measurements sent from CareConnection's vitals integration to the SNF's EMR system, ferreting out those combinations of markers that indicate the potential for infection, sepsis, dehydration--and sending a daily report to the DON or NP to trigger intervention before the resident deteriorates to require re-hospitalization.

Get SMART* About Readmission Prevention

This Nurse Practitioner is keeping beds full and reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions with CareConnection's new SMART*Alerts. Subtle markers of change in condition are ferreted out and identified as potential health concerns--triggering rapid intervention and preventing costly readmits.

The Big Reveal! Vitals CareCart 2017 Plus Temporal Therm & Keyboard Options

Capture vitals with accuracy, then make them fly to the resident's record in your EMR with Medline's redesigned, ruggedized Vitals CareCart that now offers a temporal thermometry option and keyboard plus tray to optimize the mobile kiosk features of this robust readmission prevention tool.

Not only are you saving time, eliminating documentation errors and improving care----but you are speeding information to decision makers, providing a safety net of alerts that trigger intervention--and best of all, retaining revenue by preventing hospital readmissions.

How Does CareConnection Work?

The first and only telehealth system designed for skilled nursing providers, by skilled nursing providers, to improve workflow, save time, eliminate errors and drive immediate alerts to clinical decision makers.

From vitals capture to cloud and on to populate the patient record in your EHR, CareConnection delivers accurate, accountable, secure transmission of vitals measurements integrated with patient ID, caregiver ID as well as identifying health trends and alerting clinical staff.

CareConnection Gets a Fresh Face for 2017

We've redesigned CareConnection to give you everything you want and need on one page! Less clicks, bigger buttons, simplified access. You wanted it, you got it.

CareConnection Delivers HIPAA Compliance with Paperless Documentation

Is your building in danger of HIPAA violations? Are there papers loaded with PHI floating around awaiting manual input into resident charts? Eliminate your risk--automate vitals documentation with CareConnection's connectivity to your EHR system.

Case Study: Prevention Begins With Intervention

A tale of two systems. Nurses and caregivers at Concord conducted a comparison trial where they put CareConnection up against a standard, automated, manual data entry system. Learn how CareConnection measured up and scored high marks.

Concord Care Center found that the powerful instant and email alerts initiate a cascade of actions that produce beneficial outcomes for their residents. Read more.

Case Study: CareConnection and PointClickCare

Reduce readmissions and reach the stars with CareConnection

Learn how this skilled nursing facility reached the coveted 5-star rating, reduced readmissions and achieved the AHCA Bronze award with the help of Medline's CareConnection and PointClickCare.

Case Study: Stop the Bleeding! Combine Technology and Teamwork

Faced with the loss of revenue of nearly $5,000 per month, this Louisiana skilled nursing facility implemented a coordinated approach to attack the cause: preventable hospital admissions.

Prevention begins with intervention! Learn how Camelot Brookside implemented a combination of medical device integration, consistent support from an APRN and daily team meetings to change their prognosis.

Case Study: Prevention Begins With Intervention

Does your email save lives? CareConnection's instant alerts triggered the intervention that averted a dismal outcome.

This company's goal was to determine whether automated integration of vitals to their EHR would benefit work flow and documentation accuracy. The results gave them so much more than they had imagined--a resounding vote of confidence in the efficiency and accuracy delivered by the CareConnection solution---and the alerting that helped save a life.

Case Study: Quality Oversight and Improved Care Made Easy with Instant Alerts

Vitals are vital for the Cognos clinical team. Determined to drive higher levels of quality into the vitals capture and documentation process, Cognos implemented the CareConnection medical device integration system in all three of their skilled nursing communities.

Cognos amassed a bevy of benefits including significantly improved oversight at the corporate clinical and quality assurance level. The instant alerts of threshold breaches from CareConnection provided a safety net to guarantee appropriate action was being taken to restore the resident's health. Nursing and Caregiver time savings and the documentation accuracy from the interface with Cognos' EHR, American HealthTech, provided an unexpected benefit--stronger relationships between the Nurses and Caregivers.

Eliminate HIPAA Violations with CareConnection's Paperless Documentation

Is your building in danger of HIPAA violations? Papers floating around with PHI? CareConnection delivers HIPAA compliant documentation.

White Paper: Reducing Hospital Admissions from Nursing Homes Using Electronic Collection of Vital Signs and Advanced Practice Nurse

This Louisiana skilled nursing facility stemmed a $5,000 per month revenue loss and achieved more than 50% reduction in hospital admissions by implementing a combination of resources including electronic vitals collection, advanced practice nurses and daily team meetings.

Recognizing the risk to their resident's health,the cost to their bottom line and the potential for both penalties and loss of ACO partnerships, Camelot Brookside embarked upon a multi-faceted, coordinated approach to attack the cause: preventable hospital admissions. The collaborative solution focused on early intervention and have led to prevention. Hospital admission rates have dropped from 26.3% in 2014 to 10.4% in 2015 and are trending toward further reduction. The bleeding has stopped and care has improved.


Reduce readmission rates while improving accuracy, consistency and efficiency! 

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