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Frequently asked questions

Can I use my current vitals monitor, scale, or other devices?

Check with us about your specific equipment. Because we support the entire system — devices, touchscreen tablets and software —we choose to partner with equipment manufacturers that provide rugged duty devices which will withstand the challenges of the long term and post-acute care environment. This means that we support specific brands, but we’re always adding new devices, so check with us to see if your devices are “Connect Capable.”

Can I use the Vitals CareCart CareHub touchscreen tablet for other applications?

Yes. The CareConnection tablet does double-duty as a “kiosk on wheels” to support other applications you want to use at bedside, such as ADL and resident assessment documentation. Some CareConnection customers are even using the tablet instead of putting kiosks on their walls. We’ll work with you to configure the tablets in the way that best meets your needs. We lock the tablets down in kiosk mode to prevent access to unauthorized applications!

Can Physicians and Nurse Practitioners use the CareConnection information?

Absolutely! Your healthcare partners can receive SMART*Technology reports, breach alerts and view their patients’ health stream information.

Do I need special computer equipment (e.g., additional servers) to put CareConnection to work for my team?

No additional equipment is needed. CareConnection is a web-based program that does not require you to add costly servers. The touchscreen tablet on the Vitals Cart is your caregivers’ portal to the CareConnection application. Your nursing and administrative staff can access the CareConnection Manager to run reports, view the resident health stream and receive alerts through a web browser or secure email.

Does CareConnection support a single sign-on process so that users won’t have to keep up with multiple user IDs and passwords?

Currently, we have one EHR vendor, PointClickCare, who is allowing the single sign-on option within our integration. We are continuing to work with our other EHR partners to be able to support single sign-on when they are capable of doing so.

In the meantime, your team can use the same or similar User ID and password as they use with your EHR system to keep things simple. Please contact us for details.

How does CareConnection work?

It’s as simple as 1-2-3! Your caregivers will take vitals and weights with the easy-to-use medical devices, then review the measurements (which are linked to both the resident’s ID and the caregiver’s ID) on the touchscreen tablet. One simple touch sends the information immediately and without documentation errors to your electronic health record (EHR) system through CareConnection’s cloud-based software.

How does the resident information get into the CareConnection tablet?

The CareConnection implementation team will work with your IT team and your EHR vendor’s team to configure the installation, including downloading of your resident information to CareConnection. Once the information is loaded and links established, your resident information will automatically, continuously and wirelessly update through the interface between CareConnection and your EHR system.

What about HIPAA compliance and secure access?

CareConnection is HIPAA-compliant and is pre-programmed to support various roles within the facility at different levels of access. The caregiver, for instance, might only be able to view and add vitals and weight information, but the DON might be able to view, add, or change thresholds, change or add user information, and generate reports.

What about wireless security?

Your CareConnection touchscreen tablet is Windows 10 Pro- based and equipped with 802.11a/b/g/n wireless cards. Connection can be established to secured wireless networks using WPA-PSK, WPA-Enterprise, WPA2-PSK, and WPA2-Enterprise. All information is 256 bit encrypted (within the tablet and during data transfer through your buildings secure wifi network).

What happens if my WiFi goes down?

You’ll be able to continue to use your Vitals Cart and CareConnection application to gather measurements until the connection is restored. CareConnection will securely store the measurements on the tablet until it is able to access your wireless network. Resident’s room in a wifi “dead spot?” No worries. You’ll see the icons on the tablet that let you know you have measurements that are pending access to a stronger wifi signal. No need to remember to “push” the measurements–the tablet does that on it’s own since it’s always seeking wifi.

What happens when a resident’s measurements are out of range?

CareConnection supports a broad range of alarms and alerts that trigger immediate notification of any breached threshold directly on the Vitals Cart tablet during vitals capture and to decision makers via pop-up application on medcart laptop and/or nursing desktop. Thresholds can be set individually for each resident, or your team can use the global ranges embedded in CareConnection. In addition, the alerts can be configured to show patterns – for example, a high diastolic reading 3 days in a row or a weight change of more than 5 pounds within 2 days. If your EHR system allows you to set ranges, the CareConnection measurements will trigger the notifications through your EHR as if a caregiver had manually entered the information.

Who can view reports?

You get to choose which members of your team (including outside providers) can view reports. Access to reports in CareConnection is controlled by the rights that are assigned to each role by your system administrator.

What if there’s an issue with my devices or tablet?

One phone call will put you in touch with our friendly technical support team, who will help you with any issues. In cases where an issue can’t be resolved over the phone, we’ll send you replacement or loaner equipment per warranty and use cases.

Call 855-695-4525, opt.2 for technical support.

What is this high level of support going to cost me?

Tech support is included with your CareConnection program for warranty related issues. The only extra you’ll need to budget for is occasionally replacing items that wear out over time — like blood pressure cuffs and hoses, finger sensors, oral probes, batteries and probe covers.

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