Medical Devices


Vitals Care Cart

The future is here! Capture blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse and temperature simultaneously then transmit the measurement wirelessly and immediately to your EHR from the Vitals Care Cart. Alerts identify out of range conditions and SMART* predictive analytics prompt intervention. The CareHub Tablet does double duty as a kiosk-on-wheels, allowing your team to document ADLs and nursing notes at beside! Ruggedized design features ergonomically positioned touchscreen and vitals monitor as well as fully encapsulated cord and power management.

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Connected Scales

Now you can capture weights and send them wirelessly and immediately to your EHR using CareConnection's connected scales. The scales communicate to the CareHub Tablet--triggering instant alerting of out of range conditions which prompts early intervention to prevent unnecessary hospital readmissions. Wheelchair, Chair and Bariatric platform models available.

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Connected Thermometers

Ready, Aim, Capture! This is everything you've been asking for in a temporal (forehead) scanning thermometer. FDA cleared (*) for use with multiple patients, the Thermofocus features infrared accuracy, a patented aiming system that focuses the device at the optimum location on the forehead, and NO skin contact. This means you can conveniently capture temperatures on even the most difficult residents with completely non-invasive technology. First of its kind to be patented and FDA cleared, the Thermofocus uses dual light beams which converge to identify the exact position at which the temperature should be measured. No more guessing, no more struggling to find the correct oral pocket or the optimum ear insertion method—just accurate results without invasive procedures.

The Thermofocus fits snugly into its own holster on the CareHub tablet mount, where it is tethered for secure transmission of measurement to the resident's records in CareConnection and then immediately onto your EMR system, delivering accuracy within 0.2F. And just imagine--no probe covers or batteries to buy! You'll recoup your investment in less than a year---plus make your caregivers and residents very happy campers.

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Reduce readmission rates while improving accuracy, consistency and efficiency! 

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