Medline Industries, Inc., is the leading provider of vital signs integration systems with sophisticated, predictive analytics designed for the long term and post-acute care (LTPAC) industry. Our advanced technology connects automated vitals monitors, scales and other medical devices to your EHR system with our easy-to-use software.  Designed by providers for providers, these products tackle the unique challenges facing LTPAC providers.

Why are clinicians choosing CareConnection®? Our solution:

  • Prevents hospital readmissions through SMART*Reports (combinations of subtle changes in condition that are predictive of impending resident health crisis) and automatic, real-time alerts delivered when a resident's thresholds are breached
  • Improves accuracy by eliminating manual charting of blood pressure, pulse, O2 saturation, temperature and weights
  • Saves nursing time and caregiver time
  • Speeds clinical information to the EHR system—no more waiting to get to the kiosk or PC
  • Provides a mobile kiosk to access other web-based software, including ADL documentation, at bedside

Contact us today to find out how CareConnection can help your team measure up to the continually rising standards of care demanded of the LTPAC industry.


Reduce readmission rates while improving accuracy, consistency and efficiency! 

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